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Heads up. I'm changing my blog URL (and possibly every other social media)~ I'll update soon.
Mean while, here's a short clip of Skylark's performance @ NTU's Open House that you missed (Thanks for the vid Tia).

Push Play Acoustic

Photo by Samuel Han 
//I know I'm supposed to continue my OOTD post from before but I'd rather see this and the latter post go up than my ugly face hahaha// The acad year's coming to an end. Hall has pretty much drained me and my weekends away (for some strange reason, I have yet to put my finger on). Nonetheless, I love Pushplay. We had one of our last performances on Cultural Night cum Talentime. Jas, Joanna and I did a laid back choir-ish version of Royals & Legohouse, accompanied by the ever swag Yong Sheng, De Sheng & Nic. Couldn't have gotten through those late night practices without these awesome possums. They've taught me much too - like how it's completely possible to perform with your shoes off, dangling your feet off the stage. Peace out, guys. Study hard, bell curve the bell curve.

&The walls came crumbling down

Photo by Adelia.
Haven't done this in a long time. I'm back to torment you with an Outfit of the Day... in my next post.

Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all

Photo by Chiewy

If mum saw this photo, she'd probably exclaim,"Y'all like doh-rae-mee. Remember the Sound of Music when the children climbed the trees?" Yes, I very much forsee that happening. Adia's the expert though. The girl in shades so easily grabbed onto branches and propelled up to her spot. Sadly, this is one of our only swag photos. We goofed off the rest of the roll, of which I'm downloading from viv's dropbox now. More photos to come~ Have a good week ahead!


Ice Exhibit @ MBS quite long ago (OOPS SORRY GUYS)

Recess week is just hell week without lessons

Before my slow and painful death today of 2 submissions, I want to say that that was an absolutely unproductive recess week. I have no idea how it just flew by and I was so busy (I still am) but didn't get any work done. With a mild fever, this is probably what it feels like to disintegrate. On a side note, I'm glad I'm done with most of my hall commitments for the year. Hall Prod ended on Saturday, which leaves me less stress about ticket stubs and collecting money (of which Jas kindly helped me out a lot with). I'm possibly the worst Hon Gen ever (lol- story for another time). Going for class, catch ya later.